Hey yall my name is Danielle and I’m from Colorado! 23 passionate  outgoing and bubby 😉

I have started this blog because writing is an old hobby of mine and after doing some research, found that this could potentially make me money.

(Now, anybody who knows me knows I’m always for some extra cash hehe)

So I decided to pick it back up after all of these years. *FUN FACT* I actually have a short poem I wrote about my sister that was published in a book compiled of poems that people wrote from all over. I was among the best of writers in my class all through elementary school and mostly middle school  (before the teenage angst got to me) whether it was writing a haiku, an essay, a short story, or freewriting on a given topic.

Fast forward  a decade and I am now 23, unhappy, and want to change my life! I have been fighting this battle of depression and anxiety since a young age. When I discovered marijuana around the age of 15, I  of course like any teen, I smoked because it was ‘cool’ and I wanted to fit in with my friends.

Later on in life,  and having not smoked marijuana for about 4 years until I was 19, that is when I started to realise all of the medical benefits that marijuana can have.

This blog will open up to the online community about my trials and tribulations, my thoughts on medical marijuana from my own personal research and knowledge, and overall, just about me here and nondescript there 🙂

I am striving to be a freelance writer.  This isn’t just a hobby of mine anymore, I want to make it something MORE. I want to finally be happy with my life, and I know this is the start.I know that I can do anything that I set my mind to 🙂

I’ll be blogging about a lot of topics, just stay tuned (and remeber, I’m just getting started here so bare with me 😉 )

**Cheers to new beginnings!**