As a stoner girl, I have a go-to app that I use for everything medical marijuana. The app is called Leafly and if you are pro-pot then you have this app, and if not then you need to get with it!


This app is the best for finding the perfect strain for you and to look up different strains to find out more about the flower such as the smell, the taste you can expect, and the medical benefits you can expect out of it. Also, with the Leafly app, you can search for strains near you! So in other words, if I wanted to puck up some Blue Dream I would go to my app, search it, and pull up all of the dispensaries near me that carry the Blue Dream. You can also find a menu for the dispensaries that are registered with Leafly (ALL major dispensaries) and look up what strains the store has and prices.

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One of my all-time favorite stains is pretty basic and well know, Sour Diesel or ‘Sour D’. The smell and the taste alone are enough to have you enticed from the jump. Sour D is very earthly smelling and the name ‘diesel’ comes into play because the bud has a distinct diesel smell. The medical effects you could expect to see after rolling up some sticky Sour D is happy and uplifted, and relaxed. A negative that comes with smoking any pot, is the dry mouth and fatigue. Surprisingly, for being a Sativa, I didn’t find myself stuck to the couch unable to break away from Netflix after smoking hehe 🙂

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