Every smoker has their favorite time they like to light up. Here are a few ideas, of you haven’t tried them yet, I highly suggest you do!

The wake and bake. Lighting up right after you wake up, whether it be in the morning aor after a nap, it it’s one of the best times to smoke. Now here is the catch, if you are a true smoker you obviously know the difference between sativa and indica  plants. For a wake and bake, a sativa strain is the best option. Sativa gives more of an uplifting and energetic effect, perfect for waking up. So grab that cup of coffee and roll up your favorite sativa blend and enjoy your next morning, it will become a ritual!

Smoking in a hot shower or bath. A hot shower in itself will make anybody feel relaxed, and depending on the mood and the time of day, smoking in the shower can have many positive benefits.  If you choose to smoke in a nice hot shower in the morning to jump start your day, try a nice sativa bud such as blue dream. If you choose night time before bed, try a relaxing indica bud to help you sleep at night.

Blazing after sexual intercourse. Smoking after some good sex can have an extremely euphoric feeling. Feeling full of relaxation and in a sedated state, it will have anybody feeling ready for a hard nights sleep. The best bud in my opinion to smoke on after intercourse is anot indica, due to the relaxed state indica leaves you in. Some good strains to try are Hindu Kush, Skywalker, or LA Condidential.