With the new year ringing in and bringing a storm of new opportunities and adventures, history is also changing.
Three states have accepted the recreational use of marijuana since he ballot passed in 2016. In 2015 a new ballot came about and five more states had the option to reconize the use of recreational marijuana. Those five ballots passed after so many weed activists fought for it and more profound medical testing proved the benefits of cannabis. Massachusetts, Arizona, Maine, California, and Nevada are now on the list of states where recreational pot is acceptable.
All marijuana laws vary by state, some you can smoke pubicly, and some you cannot. Some states you can walk into any dispensary and buy any amount, and in other states you can’t and you are regulated on how much you can purchase.
I reside in Nevada,  so I am going to share what I learned about Nevada’s marijuana laws, and I will get into the other states and regulations at another time.
Since new laws for the world are in place starting today, the one almost everybody has the most questions about is the pot. In Nevada, if you are over the legal age of 21, of if you are 18 and older with a legal Nevada medical marijuana card, you are en able to legally blaze up.
Persons of the legal age can purchase up to 1oz of buds or an eighth of an ounce of concentrates. Persons 18 an nd older with a Nevada medical marijuana card can purchace up to  2.5 ounces of anything marijuana including flowers, edibles, creams, etc. Here is the catch,  you will only be able to purchase these amouts over a two week period. you can mix up your Ounce with anything. For example, if you go and buy three 250 milligram brownies, you will be able to prchase the remainder of the weight in herb or concentrates. The purchases that you make are monitored and tracked on a live feed daily to prevent people from purchasig over their legal limit. The number of dispensaries to open to the public for recreational use varies by the counties here in Nevada. Clark County is a much wider county and can house up to 80 dispensaries. Washoe County could house 4, and 2 in the other remaining more rural and smaller counties (14 in total). The areas that have a larger population will have the most dispensaries.
The laws of Nevada NRS CHAPTER 435A states that cannabis is to be consumed privately, meaning in your own home and on your personal property, although smoking weed in your car is still illegal and is a misdomeanor and punishable by up to 6months in county. it is also illegal to smoke in the pubic or on any federal lands, such as schools and the post office. Nevada is overrun by casions, and while the casions may allow the use of tobacco,  they still do not reconize marijuana due to the federal law regulations. If you are caught violating any of the consumption laws, it is a misdomeanor and could have you locked down for up to 6 months or a fine up to $1,000, or in the worst case scenario you could be slammed with both jail time and fees. In some cases,  the ruling judge may accept a sentence of community service in lieu of the jail time and or fines. Driving whil stoned is also illegal (or sitting in the car while smoking) and is punishable by law. The officers can determine if you are under the influence of marijuana by doing one of 3 tests, urine test, blood test, or a field sobriety test. If you get pulled over and the officer does a test on you, you are considered “hgh” if:
The blood test comes back with 2 nannograms of marijuana per Ml of blood; The urine test comes back with at least 10 nanograms or more of marijuana per mL of urine
Just like the regulations with smoking in public, most cases can be contested in court when it comes to failing a marijuana sobriety test during a traffic stop. It is illegal to trasport marijuana across state lines, even if the next state over reconizes the use of marijuana. When driving within county lines with your weed, it must be in a sealed container and away from the driver’s reach and any minors that may be in the vehicle.  Failure to follow these regulations can get you an “open container” charge. Minors in the state of nevada (anyone under 18) are able to use and acacess marijuana, as long as they have a valid Nevada medical marijuana card. Growing the beautiful plant is banned anywhere that is within a 25 mile radius of a dispensary.
So, as it is legal per-say to consume weed in Nevada, there are still rules and regulations that are in place and need to be followed so we can continue to have our freedom. With the new year comes many new exciting things, Nevada being on the list of sates to accept marijuana use recreationally, is just the tip of the iceberg.