Anxiety is a state of being uncertain which results in a real or imagined event or situation. When we get anxious, the body releases a stress response, which causes a number of psychological and emotional changes. In other words, when we over-think a situation, our bodies make it worse and make us anxious. Anybody whom suffers from anxiety knows what it is like to be trapped inside of your own mind with no escape route in sight. It’s almost like your mind is a coffin and you are being buried alive, soon it gets hard to breathe, everything goes dark and fades out. Anxiety disorder is very common and effects more than 40 million American adults.  Anxiety can become so much that it depletes your normal life and relationships. Panic and anxiety disorders go hand in hand, having extreme anxiety can cause panic. 

I like to think of it this way, anxiety is like being in a burning building. You can imagine how scary it would be to wake up to your house fully engulfed in flames, and you cannot get out, you are stuck. That is what anxiety is like. You are stuck in this building that is just burning and burning and everything around you is crumbling. In the burning building, you know the steps to take to save your life and get out safely, but the demon we call anxiety keeps a fierce hold over you to where you cannot think, nor can you act on anything. You can hear voices outside, you can see the bright sun and feel the warmth coming in from the window, but behind you is a firestorm and it is getting closer and closer to you, surrounding you. You try to scream out of the window into the daylight to the voices below, but your cries go unheard, nobody hears you. Nobody is coming to save you from this burning building, the panic sets in. You are frantic trying to pound on the window, trying to shatter the glass to crawl out and escape, but the glass is unbreakable. At this point, the anxiety has eaten you alive and you crawl into a ball and let the firestorm surround you and the circle of burning hot fire closes tighter and tighter around your helpless body.

fire texture burning heat_.jpg

THIS is EXACTLY what anxiety is to me. I am stuck in a crumbling, burning building and nobody can save me.

Anxiety is a debilitating illness to suffer from, one of the worst in my opinion. It can have a negative impact on your everyday thinking and actions. In bad scenarios, anxiety always overpowers your mind and you automatically go into a panic mode, anxiety takes away your thinking process and doesn’t allow you to problem solve the way you should be able to.  Anxiety disorders can be baggage carried from having PTSD, OCD, and phobias.Having anxiety comes with mental breakdowns the doctors like to call an “anxiety attack”.  Durning an anxiety attack, you may feel a sudden but overwhelming sense of fear, you may get very irritable and annoyed at everything, you may feel restless, have poor concentration, an abnormal heartbeat, and trembling. Anxiety attacks can be extremely frightening and just plain awful. An anxiety attack (or panic attack) is an episode of extremely high stress responses that are either brought on by over analyzing a situation, or brought on by high anxiety. A “high degree” anxiety disorder is the most common, where one always thinks that they are in grave danger. Most people who suffer from anxiety and get the attacks that go along with it, those people are either very afraid in general or have an unreconized chronic stress disorder causing the attacks.