Every stoner has their basic needs, right? Here are just a few basic things that every marijuana user should keep on hand.

A one-hitter. While this may seem silly and maybe even pointless, a one hitter is ideal when you are trying to be low key and you are on the go. A one hitter can be a simple straight tube pipe, or they make ones that look like a cigarette and they can be picked up for pretty cheap too, starting at $10 and up varying on the design and type of one hitter.


A hand pipe, you are always going to need a hand pipe. There are thousands to choose from and prices vary. You can get a special, padded carrying case to store your pipes in, and you can choose from glass or metal pipes. I personally prefer glass pipes, the bud tastes so much better out of glass. Besides, you can find way cooler glass pipes! The hand pipes come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors and can be found at any smoke shop. I have a personal collection of 4 glass pipes.


A bong, because what is better than bong rips? You want to find a bong that has an ice catcher; you can put ice in the bong for a chilled, smooth hit. Bongs are great for a rushed morning to get that quick marijuana relief, or if you are just trying to get relief faster in general. My favorite way to smoke is by blunt or bong.


Rolling papers, or cones are also a good item to always have handy if you are a chronic smoker. Rolling papers are good to have within to you so you can just roll one up and spark it, cones work great as well if you aren’t all that great at rolling a joint or a blunt. Swisher Sweets are perfect, plus they taste good AND smell good. You can get different flavors like strawberry, blueberry, and mango. You can use a cone, which is just a pre-rolled tube, and pack it full of your favorite bud to smoke, and it actually is quite simple and not time consuming.


A lighter, and preferably not a white one! The legend says that white lighters bring a slew of bad luck and unfortunate events. I mean Bob Marley did pass away while using a white lighter to blaze… Coincidence, or not? Of course, there are more urban legends to validate that white lighters mean bad luck, but let’s stay on topic here. You will always want to have a lighter handy for your smoking sessions, you never want to be searching for a lighter after you get everything ready to medicate, it is annoying and takes up more time than needed.


A glass jar, a pill bottle with no label, or really anything that you can put marijuana into that has a sealing lid. Although the use of marijuana is legal on a recreational level in Nevada and five other states, it is still against the law to have your marijuana in a zip0log baggie or just laying out. The law statutes state that you can carry marijuana on your person as long as it is in a sealed container. So, you will need to invest in a mason jar or you can get little tubes with a pop-top lid from the dispensaries, if you want to avoid any trouble with local law enforcement, plus you always want to properly store your weed to avoid it drying out or simply getting lost, because that would be tragic.


A grinder, which can typically be found at your local smoke shop ranging in price anywhere from $5 to $20 and more, just depends on the size of the grinder, the design, and the brand that you choose. A grinder is a go-to stoner tool because it makes for easier, and quicker smoking. You put your bud in the top of the grinder, (the lid and the bottom of the top chamber have teeth and this is what grinds up the weed) put the lid back on, the metal ones are usually magnetic so you don’t actually have to screw the lid on, and you can twist the lid both ways to grind up the buds. In just a quick few seconds, you have perfect ground up cannabis that can then be used to roll a blunt or a joint, or back a bowl of fresh greens. Most of the better metal grinders have 3 units; the top part grinds the bud, the middle section stores the grinded greens, and in the bottom there is a screen so the kief that falls from the buds when it gets ground up, catches and collects in the bottom. Kief if extremely fine, so it will take you some time to get a decent amount of kief to smoke up!



Marijuana, of course! As a stoner, you always want to keep a stash of your most favorite buds. A stoner’s bright day can turn to gloom once they realize their stash is almost gone… I always have at least two stashes, I have one of my all time favorite bud, or the better of what I have, and then I have my “eh, it’s alright” stuff. Stoner rule #5629: ALWAYS have pot. Also, call up a fellow stoner buddy stoner rule #7914: Sharing IS caring!


Music, a great atmosphere, and amazing friends. Unless of course, you enjoy smoking alone. I myself even enjoy smoking alone from time to time, but having other people to live the experience with you makes it that much better. An endless supply of laughs and out of this world thoughts, what could be better? Not to mention, if you find stoner friends who follow the stoner etiquette rules, they will share their goods with you. After all, a friend with weed is a friend indeed.